Black Screen Of Death Xbox One: 7 Easy Methods

We will discuss how to fix the Xbox One Black Screen and several effective solutions to repair it. Xbox One Black Screen of Death:

Gaming has evolved into many more than an interest. It has now transformed into a respected profession. Every day, new improvements are added to gaming devices to improve game’s experience and improve the user’s satisfaction.

In the realm of gaming the Xbox is a reputable place for itself due to the fact that it has changed the way gaming got its start.

What happens if you’re playing when you’re at the boss level when suddenly your Xbox screen goes black. In such instances it is difficult to know how to proceed in this situation.

In this article, we’ll look at this issue. Xbox One black display of death error encountered by gamers on Xbox.

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What Is Black Screen Of Death

There is a term that is well-known Blue Screen of Death in the system. In the same way the dark screen that is available in Xbox and serves the same purpose similar to BSoD that is to protect the system from falling out.

Xbox One black screen issue is thought of as being one of the most complicated problems Xbox gamers have to deal with. There are many possible causes of this error, and there’s not the one cause that is certain.

  • bugs:Games are plagued by bugs that are fixed during use So a bug is the most frequent scenario of an unresponsive black screen on your system. Because the bug may have carried out an operation which could have led to the system to fail, Xbox went into black screen mode to avoid it.
  • Hardware ConfigurationSometimes people purchase hardware regardless of whether it’s compatible with their device thus it is possible for an Xbox Black Screen of Death issue can occur when the hardware configurations don’t coincide with those of the Xbox configurations.
  • Console DashboardVarious customers have shared that they encounter Xbox screen black problems when trying to open their dashboard into the console, and it is recommended to contact techs or experts in these situations.
  • Broken updates:Various users have reported that their updates for their Xbox have caused being greeted with the Xbox only having a black screen that is dead due to a few issues with updates as well as system files.

Xbox One Black Screen Of Death: Top Fixes

There are a variety of methods to solve the Xbox with a black or white screen at start-up. A few of them are described in the following article:

#1) Quick Fixes

A few methods could be used as the initial checks and quick fixes to problems you face while playing Xbox If the issues persist then you may want to try the other options listed below that will help you to solve the problem:

  1. Press R + Y to access the console’s control.
  2. Set the console in offline mode, and make sure that you’re not connected to Xbox Live.
  3. Take out all hardware externally connected to the system. Remove all hardware that is connected to it.
  4. Try switching off Xbox and then press the Eject button to get rid of any discs stuck in Xbox.

#2) Return Home

The most commonly used method to repair devices if they are not working properly is to reboot them. There are times when there are a variety of problems with the cache as well as memory problems that lead to the device malfunctioning. Restarting the device will help the user resets all memory and load all files on the device and make sure your device performs at its highest level.

You can do this with the help of the instructions below:

  1. The home button is located at the top of the Xbox and you’ll need to press it for a short time before turning off the Xbox.
  2. Then you must rest for 4-5 minutes, then hit the power button for a couple of minutes.

The system will reboot when the issue is fixed then you are able to play If it’s not then you can proceed using the other methods to resolve the issue as described below.

#3) Black Screen While Using Blu-ray Disc

There are specific configurations of the system settings that can trigger this error. In some cases, the device has high-frequency, however in the settings the high frequency isn’t turned on. Therefore, users should ensure that they have enabled the settings for high frequency video on their system.

Follow the steps below to solve the issue. Xbox One black screen when you see a green screen error

  • Click the Xbox button on your source This button is called the settings button.
  • A window will pop up on your screen. It appears like the appearance of a menu.
  • Click on Display and Sound and then go through Video Output and click on it.
  • You can now activate the frequency of your Hardware device, and then save your settings.

Some people purchase hardware devices without knowing the configuration and compatibility to their Xbox system. Therefore, it is essential that you read the settings of your Xbox before connecting other hardware devices.

#4) Using AVR in Your Console

When you include other hardware devices within your configuration you have a good chance you can resolve these issues. You can attempt to resolve this issue using the AVR (Audio/Video receiver) on your console.

Follow the steps below to include AVR onto your computer:

  • Turn on your televisions , and when you see video on the TV switch on the AVR, and then switch to the console.
  • The input source of the AVR in the direction of HDMI and then switch back to HDMI1 by pressing the input button on your remote.
  • Start the AVR and then press the console button and the menu will appear.
  • Navigate to Display and Sound then click to select Video Output.
  • In the next step, under the television heading then click on HDMI.

#5) Black Screen After Turning on the Console

If you turn your console on and notice an black screen, one shouldn’t rush to conclusions. There are certain tests and procedures that need to be carried out to ensure that you’re dealing with the most difficult Xbox error.

Conduct a line-test and make sure that the cables are secured and every connection is end-to-end bonded.

  • Make sure your television is connected to the correct input signal.
  • Make sure that the cable is in good condition. This can be done by testing the HDMI cable using a different device.
  • Make sure to use each device in a separate manner to ensure there’s no device that is defective.

In the event that none of these options mentioned above are useful Then you can shift to the strategies described below. Additionally, you may make a display reset prior to changing to different types.

  • If you’re playing with discs, remove the disc from the console.
  • After that, press then the Xbox button in your console for couple of minutes, and you’ll hear an eject sound and Xbox will be restarted.
  • When your system is launched it will be at the lowest resolution which you can alter by changing the settings.

#6) Perform Hard Reset

Make sure that a hard reset is the final option prior to you choose to make use of it, as this erases all files saved in your Xbox. If your progress during the game isn’t saved, it is deleted. If you play offline and your data isn’t stored in any servers, you’ll lose all of it.

This is why you should ensure that you are using it as a final options. Follow the steps below to carry out a hard reset on your system.

  • Start your Xbox and if a black screen appears then press the Xbox button on the console, then the eject button simultaneously for a couple of seconds. After a screen will appear , as seen in the image below. press „Reset this Xbox“.
  • Go to the System option and click „Remove everything“ as displayed in the image below.
  • The console will now begin reset, as shown on the picture below.

The process could take a few seconds. Once the process is completed the system will then start new, though you may lose any gaming progress.

#7) Request repair

If you purchased an Xbox recently or is still in warranty you may also be able to get your Xbox repaired for free or have it replaced. For the same reason you should ensure that you’ve linked your Microsoft account to the Xbox official site and that you have registered your device while it goes through the procedure.

Notice: If your device is covered by the warranty it could be eligible for an repair or replacement for free However, if the device is not covered by the warranty then you’ll be assessed a fee for the service.

Therefore, you must follow these steps to request a repair of your device:

  • Go to the Xbox’s website and then look for the Help and Support column. Click on „Sign In“ as displayed in the image below.
  • You can now log in using Your Microsoft Account as displayed in the image below. If you already have an account on your device, simply select another device to sign up it.
  • In the present, under various errors it is necessary to select Display issue and then a tiny textbox will pop up.
  • It is possible to mention specifics such as your warranty as well as the problem you have to address in this section, and then make a complaint.
  • The complaint will be recorded and then send the complaint mail in support of the complaint to your bank account. The company will help.